Meet The Team – Dr. Ruth Ronn, MD, REI

Meet Dr. Ruth Ronn, MD, FRCSC, REI. Dr. Ronn is a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist here at EVOLVE.

Transcript: I’m Dr. Ruthie Ronn and I may be a familiar face that you see at EVOLVE during your egg freezing visit. I’m a practicing fertility specialist in Toronto, although I’ve had a lot of experience, both nationally, and internationally.

Egg freezing is something I’m pretty passionate about. And the reason for that is I really believe it’s an empowering field to be in. And I think it gives people the option of not only freezing their eggs in future and having the potential to plan for parenthood, but it also gives the knowledge of where somebody’s fertility’s at and knowledge is power. So I feel very fortunate to be able to facilitate this process.

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