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Understanding Success Rates with Frozen Eggs

If you’re considering egg freezing, you may wonder how many eggs you need to freeze, the success rates at different ages, and how this information aligns with your future plans.

To assist you in this process, we’ve created the EVOLVE egg freezing calculator. This tool aims to give you a general idea of what to expect regarding egg freezing and to estimate the optimal number of eggs to freeze.

It’s important to remember that your journey to preserving your fertility is unique and involves various factors. Your EVOLVE physician will provide a personalized treatment plan and specific advice based on your situation.


Egg Freezing Outcome Estimator

To use the calculator, simply input the age at which you plan to freeze your eggs and the desired number of eggs for freezing. Our tool will then provide an estimate of the likelihood of giving birth to one, two, or three children. You can adjust the age or number of eggs to tailor the probability to your specific needs.

We’ve designed this tool to simplify the egg freezing decision-making process, taking into account your age and family aspirations. Drawing from data in peer-reviewed studies (Doyle et al.), we can approximate the probability of each frozen egg resulting in a successful pregnancy.

Currently, research provides valuable insights, particularly for individuals aged 25-38, while data beyond this age remains limited.

Frozen Egg Calculator

*age at which eggs are frozen

Expected Outcome

Chance For 1 Baby
Chance For 2 Babies
Chance For 3+ Babies

*likelihood of baby from frozen eggs. Taken from Doyle 2015.

Data Source: This frozen egg probability calculator uses information from a study by Doyle et al. published in Fertility and Sterility (2015).

We designed this calculator to assist patients in understanding the likelihood of having a baby from frozen eggs. It’s especially helpful for women deciding whether egg freezing is suitable for them. Adjusting your input numbers lets you assess the potential benefits and limitations of freezing your eggs. Your physician can provide an estimate of the number of mature (usable) eggs you might expect after your initial fertility consultation, typically ranging from 50-100% of your antral follicle count.

Note that egg freezing is a complex procedure, and each fertility lab may have its unique methods even with the same protocol. It’s advisable to talk to your IVF center about specific details like the survival rate of warmed eggs, fertilization rate for fresh and frozen eggs, progression rate from fertilized eggs to blastocyst stage embryos, probability of chromosomally normal embryos, and live birth rate per chromosomally normal embryo. Combining this information helps estimate your chances of having a baby with IVF.

We will keep updating the calculator as new information becomes available, ensuring you have the latest evidence for making informed decisions.

EVOLVE works with patients between 25-39 years of age.If you are over 39, please book with a Care Navigator at our sister clinic, TRIO Fertility

“So, when is the best time to freeze your eggs? The answer is today! You’re never more fertile than you are now. For patients with a low ovarian reserve, the sooner you can freeze your eggs, the better. For patients with a high ovarian reserve, choosing to freeze your eggs now will give ‘future you’ more options when it comes to your reproductive choices.”