Pre-Freeze Program

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Egg Optimization

The decision to freeze your eggs is an investment in your fertility future. Yet, several factors can impact the quality of your eggs — and the success of your egg retrieval. That’s why we offer the Pre-Freeze Program to optimize your egg quality during the crucial period leading up to your procedure.

Led by EVOLVE’s on-site fertility naturopaths, Conceive Health, this program helps your body produce a healthy, viable cohort of eggs through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Improving Egg Quality

Eggs take nearly 3 months to mature before they are ready for ovulation or vitrification (freezing). During this time, they are highly vulnerable to their environment. Factors such as age, toxins, nutrient deficiencies (and excesses), infections, stress and lifestyle choices can influence the quality of the eggs — and the DNA inside. Protecting and nourishing your eggs during the maturation phase ensures they have all the building blocks they need to develop into strong, healthy, viable eggs.

Your Pre-Freeze Plan

Our Pre-Freeze program provides you with personalized recommendations based on your individual needs and lab results, so you can be sure you’re on the best path to egg optimization and fertility preservation. Through nutrient-rich foods, targeted supplements, and lifestyle modifications, it gives your developing eggs a healthier head start.

Egg Optimization Benefits

The benefits of egg optimization are lifelong and go well beyond your retrieval outcomes. Egg optimization not only helps improve your fertility today but also supports the health of your future baby (when/if you’re ready to grow your family).

Our goal is to help you reach yours — a successful cycle with healthy eggs preserved for your future!

Maximize the Pre-Freeze Period

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Pre-Freeze plan will include lots of nutrient-dense foods that support growing several eggs at once (we normally only grow one per month!). As well, it helps your body effectively process the fertility medications and recover from the retrieval procedure.

Your protocol is built around your test results, and personalized to provide what YOUR body needs. Our Pre-Freeze Program is also much more than nutrition support — it includes environmental, lifestyle, stress management and exercise protocols to support your reproductive processes.

While supplementation may be an important part of your Pre-Freeze program, it’s not the whole picture — it works in tandem with your overall protocol. No two bodies are the same, and our reproductive systems are even more unique. Your Pre-Freeze protocol specifically supports the egg maturation processes in YOUR body. Just as important is what you should avoid taking — some supplements can actually hinder the egg freezing process.

For best results, we recommend starting our Pre-Freeze program three months before your retrieval, but it’s never too late to start. Even if your retrieval is coming up sooner, we can provide you with support and care during your cycle.

We can begin any time leading up to, or following, your egg retrieval. We provide supportive care during each phase of your egg freezing cycle, including while you are on fertility medications and recovering from the procedure.