Is Egg Freezing Covered by OHIP in Ontario?

Interview with Tavia McLachlan on whether egg freezing is covered by OHIP in Ontario.


Fertility treatment coverage is a hot topic and one we wholeheartedly believe in. Currently, at EVOLVE, your initial consultation with our specialist, if you’re referred by your general practitioner, is covered under OHIP, as are the majority of the tests, blood work, and ultrasounds that you’ll need.

Fertility drugs are often covered by your company’s plan, and more and more company plans are actually starting to cover the cost of the egg freezing treatment cycle as well. What we suggest is you reach out to your benefits coordinator in HR or reach out directly to your benefits provider.

We have a blog on our website specifically dedicated to questions to ask your benefits provider before undergoing your egg freezing treatment. These questions talk specifically about the drugs that may be covered, as well as some of the procedures and blood tests that you might have coverage for.

Learn how to find out if your benefits plan at work covers egg freezing.