Why Employers Should Add Egg Freezing to Their Benefit Packages

Interview with Tavia McLachlan on the why companies should add egg freezing to their employee benefit packages.


Why add fertility treatments to your benefit plan? I guess the question before this is why is this so trendy and why is this a topic now?

And that kind of goes back to companies, Canadian companies such as TELUS and TD. in the past six months have really been making some splashy announcements about their benefit plans specifically as they relate to fertility treatments.

It’s no wonder that more and more people when they come into interviews are specifically asking about fertility treatment and are specifically asking about the benefit plans of the company they’re interviewing for.

It’s no longer the 1950s and our traditional family isn’t what it looks like back then.

Coupled with this is people often are delaying childbirth to later years and our biology and our genetics haven’t cut up to this.

I guess the question goes back to you and who do you want to attract and retain?

Do you wanna stop the great resignation which has been happening over the past year and really reach out to those people in your company that are looking for something unique that you can offer them and really differentiate yourself from your competitors?

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