Five Reasons To Freeze Your Eggs

Interview with Dr. Sony Sierra, MD, REI: The five reasons that people choose to freeze their eggs.


There are five reasons why you can consider freezing your eggs. One is just to give you the personal choice, the personal power to make the decision to have a baby when you’re ready to.

Second is time to find the right partner so that you don’t make a decision about a partner that has to do more with having a baby.

The third is because you have endometriosis, which is going to have a long-term impact on your fertility.

The fourth reason could be there’s a family history of early menopause, so your biological clock is ticking a lot faster than it should be.

And then the final reason is if you have to undergo any sort of treatment with immunosuppressants or other medication, which might shorten the duration of your biological clock. Again, you might want to freeze your eggs before that starts ticking.

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